Want to PIMP your Facebook profile page? Well, maybe not "pimp", but at least clean up your Facebook profile. You can do some cool things to your Facebook page. Your profile photo can be up to 600 pixels in height but only 200 pixels wide. So fire up your Adobe Photoshop (or Adobe Fireworks) and start building a new profile page.

Clean up the images on your Facebook Profile

The other thing you can do to your profile is edit those pictures in the photo bar above the status updates. These are images of you people have "tagged". As your images are tagged, they are added to the bar. But sometimes the images suck and you'll want to remove them. When you move your mouse over the image, you'll see a small "X" in the upper right corner. Clicking the X will remove the image from the bar an replace it with the next image. Keep removing until you have your five favorite images in the bar.

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