Put Your Best Facebook Forward

Want to PIMP your Facebook profile page? Well, maybe not “pimp”, but at least clean up your Facebook profile. You can do some cool things to your Facebook page. Your profile photo can be up to 600 pixels in height but only 200 pixels wide. So fire up your Adobe Photoshop (or Adobe Fireworks) and start building a new profile page.

Clean up the images on your Facebook Profile

The other thing you can do to your profile is edit those pictures in the photo bar above the status updates. These are images of you people have “tagged”. As your images are tagged, they are added to the bar. But sometimes the images suck and you’ll want to remove them. When you move your mouse over the image, you’ll see a small “X” in the upper right corner. Clicking the X will remove the image from the bar an replace it with the next image. Keep removing until you have your five favorite images in the bar.

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Making Friends with Calling Cards

The Joker has a Calling Card - So Should You
The Joker has a Calling Card - So Should You

Back in the day (the 1800’s) gentlemen carried calling cards. It was used to introduce yourself, request a meeting (date), and even express condolences. In today’s modern society, it feels like a calling card would not be necessary, but I argue, that there is no better time to have your own calling card.

You have Facebook, Twitter, email, phones, a blog (maybe), IM, and about 100 other ways for people to contact you. However, after I meet you, I can’t find you or I forget who you are. Imagine you meet someone at a party and you want to get to know them better. You put their name and phone number (more likely their email) in your phone. Weeks later, you’re going through your phone and you find this contact, but you don’t remember why you wanted to to contact them.

Now imagine you are at a party and you meet someone. This time you give them your calling card and you make a note on the back, “Meet at the Yelp museum mixer.” Not only are you the only one handing out calling cards, but you added a note that makes it easy to remember you. Also, can you think of a better way to introduce yourself to a nice lady? Your calling card mixed with a story of how gentlemen would use them to express interest in the fairer sex can only lead to one thing, follow up contact.

Business Cards are for American Psychos
Business Cards are for American Psychos

“But Mike, I have business cards. Why should I have a calling card?”

Most people change jobs every four years, most people keep the same email, phone number, IM, etc. forever. Plus, business cards have your company info on it. It tells the recipient nothing about you (plenty about the company you work for). Here’s what you can put on your calling card: Name (First Name, Last Initial is fine), Nickname, Email Address, Facebook URL, Twitter Name, Google URL, Yelp URL (you can get a personal URL from Yelp too), QR Code, xBox Live Gamer Tag, and your Blog URL.

There are a bunch of places you can go to get your own business cards, several are about $30 for a box of 500. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Crane & Co. – very nice and pricey
  • The Stationery Studio – still nice, cheaper
  • Zazzle – They have pre-designed, 4-color cards
  • Moo – My personal favorite. They have some killer “ready made” cards

Having your own calling card makes it easier to break the ice in odd situations, makes you stand out (until everyone else is using them), and will increase your contact list.

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