As I was having dinner with my cousins tonight, I realized that Las Vegas has done some amazing things to remove money from your pocket. Here are three things that I feel are the smartest.

ONE: Beer Pong at O'Sheas - imagine you are in college, you have been playing beer pong in your dorm room for four years and now that you're 21, you are in Las Vegas. You don't have a lot of cash and you are not too interested in playing $25 blackjack. As you're walking down the street, you see o'Sheas has beer pong. 4-hours later, your wasted and you spent about $200. On top of that, as you are walking out of the hotel, you spend another $100 on blackjack because your too wasted to not play. That was $300 worth of beer pong. Genius!

TWO: Oxygen Bars and Water Massage in the Malls - I have seen these in many malls in Souther California, but I have never been interested in trying them. I'm sure you feel the same way, and so do all the customers sitting at the oxygen bar and getting massages. There is something magical about Las Vegas that makes people want to do something they won't do at home. It could be as complex as getting a tattoo, visiting a hooker, or something as simple as getting a water massage. Genius!

THREE: Painting the ceiling of the mall to look like dusk - today we had lunch at the mall inside the Venetian. I stress inside because when we put our name in at the front, we were asked, "Would you like to be seated inside or outside?" We then had to take a group evaluation and the conclusion was, "Outside is good, it's nice out right now." But there is no OUTSIDE, there is only INSIDE. We were covered by 42 floors of steel and concrete. The air was cool and still, the light was artificial and unchanging, but today, I had lunch outside, inside the mall at the Venetian and I never once considered leaving the mall and going to a great local restaurant only a few blocks away. Genius!

There are plenty more Genius ideas in the City of Sin. I'll be sure to let you know all about them.

Michael Montez


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