KCRW Music Mine app – passionate people sharing music

As a Los Angeles transplant, I miss KCRW programming. Listening online is good, but the new KCRW Music Mine app is so much better than live. Not only can you listen to a well curated list of music, you can listen to the various DJ’s most recent show. Unlike Pandora or Spotify, the ‘discovery’ is taken care of for you.

Back in the day, radio station people were interested in finding and sharing new music, sound, voice, and noise and using the radio waves to disseminate it. Slowly, it became less about discovery and more about profit (so is the cycle of business). Fast-forward to 2011. Most major cities have limited music variety on the radio. A rock station, hi-hop station, and pop station (sometimes all three in one). This mono-culture does very little for the small-brand, up-and-coming band/artist.

The power of KCRW and the KCRW Music Mine app is that it returns to the days of passionate people sharing music and noise. This is not a pop-star app, and it is not hipster, WTF was that noise maker app. It’s a perfect blend of both with a fantastic touch interface. Give Music Mine a spin (it’s free – duh).

And don’t forget to support KCRW and your local Public Radio Station.