Planet Hollywood: Modern Bachelor Party Hotel

View of Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino

Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino

What makes a hotel a “bachelor party destination”? The ability to not leave the building and still have an amazing time. Boosting some of the hottest rooms on the strip, an amazing buffet, killer pool view, and one of the most well designed and sexiest casino floors on the strip, Planet Hollywood is a bachelor party in Vegas hotel.

Planet Hollywood Casino Floor

Planet Hollywood Casino Floor

Gaming: The casino floor is about three acres worth of slots, table games, sports book, poker, and “The Pleasure Pit”. The decor within the hotel attracts some of the hottest females on the strip. Did I mention the pleasure pit? It’s described as follows, “At the Pleasure Pit, you’ll play blackjack and roulette dealt by beautiful women in chic lingerie while go-go dancers move to hot beats.” I highly recommend you and your party take over a table or two at the pleasure pit. If you have six to ten guys willing to risk $300 each, get the attention of the pit-boss and let them know. They are more than happy to call out a dealer and open up a table just for you. Now you are a high roller and the ladies will take notice, and getting the bachelor noticed is definitely part of the party.

Planet Hollywood Panorama Suite

Planet Hollywood Panorama Suite

Accommodations: The modern feel of the casino floor continues into the modern feel of the hotel rooms. The price range in rooms here means that there is room type for all members of your party. The basic room, the Hollywood Hip room, has enough style to impress any strangers that might wander into your room after midnight. The Hollywood Hip room is good for the standard guest, but for the bachelor, I recommend saving your pennies and springing for the Panorama Suites. These amazing rooms include one of the best views of The Strip. There’s plenty of room to host any guest that you might have stopping by during the night. Planet Hollywood offers larger suites for you super high-rollers, but for most bachelor parties in Vegas, the Panorama Suite is plenty.

Eating: At some point, you’re going to want to put something with a little more substance than beer into your mouth. The food at Planet Hollywood ranges from the greatest hot dog in the world (Pink’s Hot Dog) to one of the best steak houses (Strip House) to one of the finest Japanese spots (KOI) and top it off with one of the strips best buffets (Spice Market Buffet). All your taste and price ranges are covered.

Prive Night club Bar Area at Planet Hollywood

Prive Night club Bar Area at Planet Hollywood

People Watching: Peepshow, Privé, Heart Bar, the Playing Field Lounge, the Living Room, Starbucks, the pool; Planet Hollywood has all your people watching locations covered. I recommend pool-side cabana by day, fifth-row seats at Peepshow, followed by bottle service at Privé. Ladies love bottle service.

So there you have it. For your consideration, the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino makes a great destination for your bachelor party in Vegas.

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