[caption id="attachment_1666" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Drai's After Hours Club at Bill's Gambling Hall"]Drai's After Hours Club at Bill's Gambling Hall[/caption]

The bachelor party in Vegas can take on several different phases. There is the "gambling phase," the "pool phase," the "dinner phase," the "strip club phase," the "dance club phase," and the often ignored "after hours club phase." It is this last phase that I would like to sprinkle into your bachelor party in Vegas.

The after hours club phase takes place, well, after some of the other clubs have started to slow down. People are starting to head back to a hotel (not necessarily their own), some are grabbing a sandwich, and some are headed to Bill's Gambling Hall on the corner of Flamingo and Las Vegas Blvd.

In the basement of Bill's exist one of the greatest parties on the strip, Drai's After Hours Club. What's going on inside that makes this one of four must do's on your bachelor party in Vegas? A dimly lit lounge, a full bar, two dance floors, and the hottest DJ's on a Thurs, Fri, Sat., or Sun night. The place is dimly lit, its red velvet, and the people look good...no, they look great. If you want to get in the door, you have to look good to. The dress code is strict.

Dress Code at Drai's: Guys have to look good, which normally means jerseys, baggy pants, tank tops, t-shirts, or jeans are out of the question. Women cannot wear tennis shoes but anything else is acceptable.

[caption id="attachment_1667" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Big Pimpin' at Drai's"]Big Pimpin' at Drai's[/caption]

Here's the thing about Drai's, the party don't start till about 1am. But you shouldn't show up until 230am. The party really gets going about 4am. Here's our recommendation: Get into Vegas on Friday afternoon, check into your hotel room, have a nice big dinner, then a hot bath and a long nap. Set your alarm for 2am. Get dressed. Get your ass to Bill's and walk up to the door (get table/bottle service) and check your name off the list. Let the bouncer guide you to you table. Crack open your drinks, call over as many ladies as you like. Have a good time, and repeat.

To book your table, call: 702-737-0555 and leave a message, they will call you back.

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