Sunrise over the Willamette River

Portland is a great place for sunrise and sunset photography. There is usually some kind of weather happening. On this morning, I was on the bus headed into the office. The clouds started to breakup and I got the feeling that something awesome may be coming. I hopped off the bus at the next stop and quickly made my way to Waterfront Park.

Once I was in position, the sky exploded and I rolled off a dozen or so shots in the next ten minutes. The clouds moved as did the light. In the end, this was my favorite.

Sunrise in Portland, OR. The Hawthorne Bridge over Willamette River.
Sunrise over the Willamette River. The Hawthorne Bridge connects the two sides of Waterfront Park in Portland, OR.

Thanks to Jansen Photo for the prompt – Jansen Photo: Tuesday Photo Challenge.

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