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LaVar vs. the Lakers — but where does Lonzo end up?

NEW YORK — He arrived early, long before most of the folks who’d bought courtside seats to watch the Lakers play the Knicks at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 12….

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The Case Against Tipping in America

When a night at a restaurant or bar finally comes to a close, most Americans engage in an instinctive ritual. They dig into their wallets, fiddle with their smartphone calculators, and then decide how much money to give their server or bartender for a job well done….

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Why do we stop taking annual portraits after we leave high school or college? We keep changing, we should capture that. Cameras are everywhere and now, more than ever, a great photo of yourself is useful (Social Media and LinkedIN come to mind). But we use selfies with poor lighting for these images. I think we need to bring back the annual portrait. Here are my images for 2018:

DPReview on TWiT: tech trends in smartphone cameras

As part of our regular appearances on the TWiT Network (named after its flagship show, This Week in Tech) show ‘The New Screen Savers’, our Science Editor Rishi Sanyal joined host Leo Laporte and co-host Megan Morrone to talk about how smartphone cameras are revolutionizing photography….

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The Retail Apocalypse Is Fueled by No-Name Clothes

A few months ago, Inc. representatives met with fashion designer Jackie Wilson as part of the expansion of Amazon’s surging apparel business. They wanted her to make a knit top for women that would be sold under an Amazon-owned private label….

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