I need a logo.

Hello friend, thank you for taking the time to review this design brief. I am an aspiring portrait photographer and one of my goals for this year is to develop my online business presence. Part of that presence is a unified logo.

I am looking for a the following logo:

  1. I would like the logo to incorporate a tripod graphic and I would like the tripod to represent the letter M. This is to symbolize that, as a portrait photographer, I use a tripod in most of my photo sessions. Also, my last name (the name I am often referred to as) is Montez. The ‘M’ would be
  2. I would also like a camera sitting on top of the tripod. This is a little on the nose, but again, it is a photography business. The camera should not dominate the logo composition, the focus (no pun intended) is on the letter ‘M’ in tripod form.
  3. I would like to use the logo as part of an overall wordmark. So in addition to the logo be standalone, I would also like to place ‘Montez Photography’ below the ‘M’/tripod logo.
  4. Usage: the logo is indented to be used as a bug/watermark in specific printed and online content. I would like to place the logo on a solid-colored square. I would also like to change the color of the square and logo as needed.
  5. Deliverable: one vector image logo and one wordmark incorporating the logo.

Here are some examples I found with a simple internet search.

Thank you for reading this. I do have a budget and look forward to seeing your brief.