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Your future is process automation

A lot of people ask, “how do I become a developer if I’m only an administrator?” Being an administrator and being a developer are not necessarily two different jobs. Most administrators do a lot more developing than they realize and it is important that you understand that writing code is by far one of the worst solutions in Salesforce.

If you are new to the Salesforce platform, you may not know that “back in the day” the platform was very limited. You needed to write triggers and APEX to do a lot of the things you can now do with Process Builder and Flows.

So, you should do that. Use Lightning Flow (e.g., Process Builder and Flows) and use them well and often and keep them updated and make changes to them over time.

Do you need to be a developer to do amazing things in Salesforce? No. Can you do more amazing things in Salesforce if you are a developer? Yes. Does being a developer in Salesforce mean I have to write APEX code? No.

In my opinion, being a developer means using Process Builder, Flows, and APEX. But knowing when to use what…that is the key attribute that separates great administrators from others. You can ask me if we can do X. I should be able to say, “yes, we can do that using Lightning Flow,” or, “no, we need to code that with APEX.” If we need to code it, then we go out and hire someone to code it.

If I were just getting started in Salesforce today, I would focus on the following items:

Start with these things and if you find yourself in love with the magic of advanced formulas, if/then statements, case statements, and command lines then you might want to consider diving into APEX.

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CRM Success

Correctly Setting the Delegated Approver in Salesforce

I had some issues with delegated approvers not receiving the notification email. After some investigation, I found that we were only doing have the required steps.

There are two steps that need to be taken to make sure you maximize the delegated approver feature. The first is to identify your delegated approver. Second, you want to make sure the delegated approver is set up to receive approval notifications.